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Amazon Contact Number – 0844 272 7675

Amazon contact phone numberAmazon contact number is 0844 272 7675, but you might have a hard time actually finding this number on the site as Amazon prefer to call customers back.

When looking at the site, you’ll see that Amazon require you to log in to your account, select a specific purchase from your purchase history, and then choose an issue to discuss before they will allow you to select the option to have an advisor call you back. Other than receiving a call back, you can also choose to email Amazon customer support or chat online.

Best Number to Phone for Amazon

It’s clear that Amazon try to keep call waiting times down as much as possible, which is essential as hundreds of people need to use the Amazon contact number every day. More and more people are choosing to shop online rather than buying from the high street, and Amazon is one of the biggest retailers on the net (although it may surprise you to know that they’re now only the 11th biggest).

Calling the direct Amazon contact phone number saves you the time it takes to log into your account and enter your details into the contact form. Instead, you can speak directly to an advisor and simply explain your problem. There’s no need to wait for a call back either, but be prepared as there may still be a very short waiting time.

When your call is answered you will be asked to choose from a selection of options. Remember to have all the details of your purchase at hand before you call including the item you bought, your Amazon username, the details of the credit card you used, and purchase reference number if relevant. Remember that the Amazon website also lists items on behalf of other sellers in the Amazon Marketplace. If you have a problem with a purchase from the Amazon Marketplace you may be redirected to the seller themselves, but your first point of call is the Amazon contact number on 0843 515 9456.

Amazon contact phone number – 0844 272 7675

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