BT Customer Service Number

BT Customer Service Number – 0844 739 0395

BT Customer Service NumberWhen you are having problems with a BT product or if you simply want to find out about products and services, it can be frustrating trying to find what you want on the BT website. In any case, it is usually much easier to speak to a human being rather than try to choose the most relevant question on a website or communicate via a ‘virtual assistant’. To cut out the confusion and waiting, the BT customer service number – 0844 739 0395 – will take you to the right place.

When the number answers, just press ‘1’ for Sales, Billing, Moving home, Technical help or Faults. To be connected to an operator, just press ‘2’ when prompted and you will be put through; you might have to be a bit patient because the BT customer service number can be busy at peak times, but you will be kept informed with your progress in the queue and also with any alternative methods of contact.

BT customer service number on 0844 739 0395 is the quickest way into the BT system when it comes to reporting any issues you may be having or if you are looking into buying a different service or product. If you are experiencing a specific issue and you are not sure who you need to speak to, pressing ‘2’ is the best option. If you press ‘1’ when you ring BT customer service number you will be offered a number of other options. Listen carefully before choosing although if you make the wrong choice, you do have a chance at the end of the recording to go back to the main menu.

If you choose to speak to the operator when you ring the BT customer service number on 0844 739 0395, you may at first be put through to various departments before you get the right one and although this can be a little frustrating, it is still usually quicker in the long-run because each time the person will either know the person or extension number where help can be found and the operator will put you through. Also, calls from the operator to internal departments are given priority in many systems, so your call will be answered more quickly than if you had dialed direct and ended up in a long queue. As always, speaking clearly and concisely and not getting cross will result in a faster resolution of your problem.

BT Customer Service Number – 0844 739 0395

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