DHL contact number

DHL contact number

DHL Contact Number – 08435 070 437

DHL Contact Number

If you’re looking to contact DHL, you’ll need to know exactly which department you’re looking for before you attempt to find the relevant DHL contact number. Like many companies who are known for their efficiency, DHL have chosen to have several different customer service numbers as it means no-one has to wait in a queue unnecessarily. Those who want to get through to a department that isn’t busy can get through immediately, while only those who need to speak to a busy department may have to wait in a telephone queue for a short amount of time.

If you’re looking for information about an item you have sent through or are waiting to receive from DHL Express, you’ll need the DHL contact number 08435 070 437. Lines are conveniently open from 7.30am to 10pm from Monday to Friday, and from 8am to 4pm on Saturdays. If you require information outside of these hours, you can also track your parcel using the online tracking service. This is the same number to call if you’re enquiring about DHL Freight, which is the department that deals with (usually commercial) bulk deliveries.

If you have a question about supply chain management or logistics, call the DHL contact number 08435 070 437. This is the same number to use if you are calling from an organisation that would like to make a tender request.

If your enquiry is regarding an item or items that were sent through or are due to be received from a department of DHL that is outside of the UK, you’ll need to use the contact number relevant to the particular country your brand of DHL is located in. For example, if your item is being sent from DHL North America, you would need to call the DHL contact number 800-CALL-DHL (plus the correct country code).

Most of the information you require can be found online, however. You can track your parcels, make orders, view your previous bills and make payments, and even find out about careers with DHL and their green policy online. Before choosing to make a call to the relevant DHL contact number, you may like to consult the various FAQs available on the website to see if they answer your query.

If you still feel you need to call even after consulting the website, make sure you have all of the details of your enquiry including reference numbers to hand before calling. This will ensure your enquiry can be answered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

DHL Contact Number – 08435 070 437

Supply Chain Solutions for Your Business with DHL

The world’s largest logistics company, DHL was founded in 1969 and provides both local and international transportation of goods and packages.

As specialists in logistics, they offer unique supply chain solutions to keep your business running smoothly, whatever its size.

Every Contact Number, an internet database of customer service details for UK and global organisations, including the DHL contact number, understands the importance of logistical innovation. They’re here to bring you DHL’s supply chain solutions, and to provide information on how to obtain the DHL contact number.


DHL can use their expertise to help you lay the foundation for an innovative and effective supply chain using a systematic analysis of your needs, logistical provider services, and environmental solutions for a conscientious and thorough approach to your company logistics.


They also offer warehousing, transportation, management of your supply chain, and product procurement services to take some of the strain off your staff, leaving it in the hands of the experts. The DHL contact number is a great place to start for more information.


DHL can help with the manufacturing of your products by offering transportation for industrial projects, logistical support within your plants, and inbound to manufacturing support services.

Preparation for sale

The can also store your finished product and play a part in the packaging, assembly, and customisation process. Use the DHL contact number to further explore how DHL can help you get your products ready for the shelves, or for delivery.


With great value transportation and distribution management, home delivery, and collaboration with internet-based shipping processes, DHL can make the delivery process simple and stress free.


In any company there are inevitably returns; DHL are specialists in reverse logistics that minimise losses, providing environmentally friendly solutions that are good for both your business and the earth.

For an easy way of obtaining the DHL contact number, visit Every Contact Number’s easy to use website. With the input of a few words into their online directory, you can get a call forwarding number which connects you directly to the service of our choice, at a great price.

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