DVLA Contact Number

DVLA Contact Number

DVLA Contact Number – 0844 739 0391

DVLA Contact Number

If you are trying to get through to a particular department within the DVLA and are finding it rather challenging, why not try their dedicated contact number?  The Driver Vehicle Licensing Association is a very busy department and it can take quite some time to get through to the right people. The website has some very useful information, but sometimes you really need to hear a human voice at the other end of the line. By calling the DVLA Contact Number – 0844 739 0391, you will be put through to the right team without the lengthy waiting experience that we dislike so much.

Calling the DVLA is usually something that involves a car related query and by using this dedicated contact number, you can rest assured that you’ll not be wasting your valuable time, simply waiting for somebody to pick up at the other end. We often need to speak to a member of staff in order to update our personal details or perhaps ask a question about a new car we are thinking about buying. Every official car related detail in the UK needs to go through the DVLA and failure to update them accordingly can often end on a serious fine and even points on your UK driver’s license.

The DVLA have a record of each and every licensed driver as well as every vehicle registration number. This allows the police and government officials the ability to check that every car on the UK roads is fully legal. They offer a fantastic service that not only ensures that the car behind you is fully legal, it also helps to keep the cost of car insurance within our reach.  If your car is going to be off the road for an extended period of time, you will need to contact the DVLA to set up a SORN status. By using the DVLA contact number – 0844 739 0391, this can be done in a relatively painless manner. You will need all of the relevant documents to hand and the process should be fairly simple.

You can also call the DVLA for information regarding the purchase of personalised number plates. These are becoming increasingly popular and can add some value and interest to your current or future vehicle. Take a look at the number plates available and give the DVLA a call on their contact number – 0844 739 0391, and you will soon be speaking to the right department without delay.

DVLA Contact Number – 0844 739 0391

The DVLA: Helping UK Drivers Every Day

The DVLA is a government agency whose acronym stands for ‘the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’. It’s crucial to the smooth running of our nation’s automobiles and roads, but it isn’t always the easiest organisation to understand.

With that in mind, Every Contact Number, a website directory of customer service numbers, is here to explain some of what the DVLA does, and how to get in touch with them by phone using the DVLA contact number if you need further advice.

Taxing your car

Everyone that owns a vehicle that is not declared off the road must pay road tax, which differs depending on the age, type, and capacity of your vehicle. You can make this payment online or by using the DVLA contact number.

Making a SORN

A SORN is a statutory off road notification that allows you to not pay tax on the vehicle if it’s in garage, on a drive, or parked or private land, and you’re not using it on the road.

Driving licences

The DVLA are also the first port of the call for anything to do with your driving licence; whether you’re applying for the first time, adding higher categories to your licence, changing your address, photo or name, or any number of applications or adjustments, call the DVLA contact number for more information.


The DVLA governs all MOT statuses and issues, so you can check the MOT status and history of a vehicle, get information on where to get your vehicle MOT-ed, or replace an MOT certificate with a minimum of stress with the DVLA.

Buying or selling a vehicle

If you’re buying or selling a vehicle you’ll need to use the DVLA contact number so you can follow correct protocol with the logbook and registration details for change of ownership.

For the full range of services, visit Every Contact Number’s website today to get the DVLA contact number without the frustrating process of looking around online for it. A quick and easy call forwarding service from only 5p per minute, Every Contact Number provides the latest updates numbers for a wide range of customer service related issues.

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