eBay Contact Number

eBay Contact Number

eBay Contact Number – 0843 507 0477

eBay Contact Number

eBay customers receive a rating each time someone makes a purchase from them. This means that if they ever fail to send a purchase, they will receive a black mark against their record that will prevent anyone from ever buying from them again. Not to mention that if eBay find out that this has happened they will remove the user’s account. No one can set up an eBay account without using their own genuine personal details, so it’s very hard for anyone to set up multiple accounts.

Although this is usually protection enough from anyone who is out to overtly take advantage of unwitting buyers, you may still have issues with matters such as very slow delivery times or items which you feel did not meet the description. Sometimes buyers may feel they have accurately described an item that purchasers deem to be sub-standard. In these cases, the person you speak to on the eBay contact number will arbitrate between the two parties and make a decision on whether a refund is due. This is just one of many situations in which the direct eBay contact number would be useful.

Although you can also choose to chat online or email an eBay representative, it’s often far easier to discuss issues over the phone and with a real person. There’s always the risk that you may receive a generic response by email or find yourself talking with someone who is quite clearly not a real person over the chat feature.

Remember to have all the details of your purchase to hand before you make a call including your username, the username of the seller, the purchase transaction, and the details of the credit card you used to make the purchase. This will save time and help you get straight to the matter at hand once you are put through to an advisor. When you call the eBay contact number on 0843 507 0477 you will most likely have to choose from a number of options, so be sure to decide exactly what your issue is before calling.

eBay Contact Number – 0843 507 0477

Selling for Charity with EBay

EBay is a global super brand, a buying and selling marketplace that started as a place for people to sell their second hand stuff and that has ended up as one of the biggest companies in the world.

With the commercial focus of today’s society, in the face of continuing poverty and other global issues, people are feeling a rising responsibility to give back to society. Every Contact Number is an internet database of customer service numbers focused on providing you with a reliable and simple call forwarding service when you need it the most.

They’re here to introduce eBay’s selling for charity scheme, and to tell you how to find out more by using the eBay contact number through the Every Contact Number website.

What is eBay for charity?

EBay for charity allows you to donate a certain percentage – you decide how much – to a charity of your choice. As eBay say, you can earn a bit, and give a bit; everyone benefits. As well as individuals or businesses wanting to donate to good causes, the service is used by major charities across the world to sell products and raise money for their cause. If you’re a charity wishing to use the service, phone the eBay contact number for more guidance.

What are the benefits?

As well as the feel-good factor and helping society and the world out, your charity status is displayed on your product posting, and marked in listings with a small blue and yellow ribbon so buyers know you’re donating. EBay will waive their fees on the portion that you’re donating, too. Use the eBay contact number to find out more.

How do you start donating?

To set up your eBay for charity campaign, go to their website and follow the instructions. For any problems or queries, go to the Every Contact Number website and type ‘eBay contact number’ into the search field. They’ll provide you with a reliable call forwarding service to the eBay contact number for only 5 pence a minute from a BT landline.

For a whole host of useful customer service details provided in seconds, visit the Every Contact Number website today. From major retailers to government organisations, Every Contact Number have got your customer service queries covered.

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