EE Customer Service

EE Customer Service

EE Customer Service – 0844 739 0379

EE Customer Service

The EE Customer Service number is to be found on 0844 739 0379 and is the number to call if anything goes wrong with a phone from EE or if you have any questions. There are a number of common problems or queries about an EE phone you may have that you can usually solve with a call to the operator at EE Customer Services but if they can’t answer directly, they will be able to put you through to the right department. EE also provide broadband services and you can choose to speak to someone about this as well.

With broadband fibre-optics rolling out across the country day by day, a quick call to the EE  is a way to find out how your area is faring on getting this super-fast service. You can also upgrade, join or terminate your broadband contract through this number. Frequently asked questions also cover such things as service outages and other technical issues.

If your EE phone is lost or stolen it is important to let EE  know as soon as possible so that they can put a block on your phone. Do have a quick look down the back of the sofa first though, as a blocked phone will need some time to unblock and you will have to fulfil some basic requirements too. There is also a charge for the service. Even so, it is best to ring quickly, to stop unauthorised calls being made and charged to you.

EE Customer Service – 0844 739 0379

Why Choose EE?

When it comes to network providers, the giants at the top of the game can tend to crowd out all the competition. But this slightly lesser-known company can offer some significant benefits to you as a customer, and EE customer service has always been a priority, so you know you’ll be well looked after.


Massive 4G coverage

4G is the network capability that enables all large volume internet use. Think YouTube, downloading and uploading photos, watching movies, downloading files; more and more smartphone functionality is based on internet capability nowadays, and EE have the biggest 4G coverage, reaching 95% of the UK population. Contact EE customer service to verify that you fall within a 4G covered area or use the online coverage checker.

Superfast 4G

At 50% faster than Vodafone and 70% faster than 02 and Three, jerky videos and dodgy download speed are a thing of the past with EE’s superfast 4G service. As newer and more enabled phones emerge onto the market, this issue is going to become more pressing, and EE customers will stand at a distinct advantage.

Wi-Fi calling

There’s nothing more frustrating that trying to hold an important phone call somewhere where the signal is poor. Now, with EE’s Wi-Fi calling, you can make calls via the internet using a wireless or 4G internet connection, seriously cutting down on patchy signal problems.


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