Fedex contact number

Fedex contact number

Fedex Contact Number – 0844 739 0404

Fedex Contact Number

For international shipping, Fedex is one of the best services around. It’s easy to order collection and delivery from the comfort of your own home using Fedex’s online features, even for complicated multiple deliveries to multiple destinations. You can also track your parcel using the online tracking service and ensure that your parcel has been delivered by requiring a signature at the delivery destination. You can even pay for your orders and view past bills online using the online account feature. It’s easy to see that Fedex try to cover everything with their website, so that only rarely will customers ever have to call the Fedex contact number on 0844 739 0404.

If you do have a problem, you can consult Fedex’s extensive list of FAQs. You’ll find that when you go to the Fedex contact page online, you will first be asked to select your question from a list of topics including shipping, tracking, pickups, accounts, invoices, or payments, or quotes. You’ll then be shown a range of FAQs relating to your topic in the hope that one of these will provide you with your answer. If you still have a question, you can type it into the provided field, however the Fedex contact number has still not been provided.

Like many busy companies, the reason Fedex do this is to try to answer all customer questions before they have a need to call the Fedex contact number. If all questions had to be answered over the phone, the company would be constantly busy answering the exact same questions over and over again. This way, only complex and very specific questions have to be answered by a member of the customer services team on the Fedex contact number.

If you look down to the bottom of the contact page, you’ll see that the number 0844 739 0404 is written there in faint lettering. The line shouldn’t be too busy, but if you do find that you have to wait in a short queue, be patient. Your query will be dealt with as soon as possible, and it will be easier for the advisor to help if you are calm and clearly explain your problem.

The Fedex contact number of 0844 739 0404 is the same number you should call if you need to make a complaint. In this eventuality, remember that the person you are speaking to is not directly responsible for your problem. Getting angry with them will only reduce the effectiveness of your complaint.

Fedex Contact Number – 0844 739 0388

Why Choose FedEx?

When it comes to delivering an important package, you need to be able to rest assured that it’s going to get to its destination in one piece, on time, and with a minimum of stress.

There are lots of excellent courier services out there to choose from, and the variety can often be overwhelming.

Here to help you narrow down your options and provide the reasons to choose FedEx over the others are Every Contact Number, internet-based specialists in providing customer service details for a wide range of organisations across the nation, including the FedEx contact number.


FedEx offer a wide range of shipping services between 220 countries worldwide, so you can always find an option that suits you. With differing delivery timescales, prices, package sizes and weights, and single or multiple package delivery, there’s something for everyone. Use the FedEx contact number to choose an option that fits your requirements.

Packaging price

FedEx offer a range of easy to use self-sealing packaging options to make sure that your package arrives sound and whole at its destination. They ship this wide variety of boxes, tubes, envelopes and other packaging materials to you free of charge, taking the stress and time consuming effort of finding appropriate packaging out of the equation.


Offering proof of delivery for every single invoice, you know that FedEx will get your package to its destination. They also offer a money back guarantee on any international shipment with a specified delivery timeframe, meaning your package gets to it destination on time, or you get your money back. Use the FedEx contact number to learn more about their guaranteed services, and how to take advantage of them.


The FedEx system is easy to use, with online tools to manage and track your deliveries, and a FedEx contact number for live support in all the countries they operate in.

To get the FedEx contact number and avoid the frustrating process of trawling through their website for the right details, visit Every Contact Number’s website today. Every Contact Number also provide forwarding contact numbers for a whole directory of companies, all frequently updated and reasonably priced.

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