Hermes Contact Number

Hermes Contact Number

Hermes Contact Number – 0844 272 7672

Hermes Contact Number

If you visit the European Hermes website, you may be surprised to find that the Hermes contact number 0844 272 7672 isn’t listed. Instead, you’ll find a drop-down list of options which either direct you to an enquiry form or ask you to contact the retailer from whom you have made your purchase.

This may seem like a strange way of doing business, but as you can imagine, it is often the case that the issue is with the retailer rather than Hermes themselves. Perhaps your payment hasn’t been processed, the item hasn’t been available, or your order has gone missing. In all of these cases, the problem should be dealt with by the retailer rather than Hermes. If the retailer decides that Hermes needs to be contacted, they will do it on your behalf with no need for you to personally ring the Hermes contact number.

Hermes Contact

If Hermes did list the contact number clearly on their website contact page, they would undoubtedly receive many hundreds of phone calls from irate customers whose problem originates from the retailer who has failed to send them their item.

However, if you are a retailer who would like to set up a new account with Hermes, you will need to contact Hermes directly. You can either use the Hermes contact number of 0844 272 7672 or use the enquiry form provided. It’s worth bearing in mind that it may take several days for your enquiry to be answered by email, and even then a satisfactory answer may not be provided. If you call up and speak to a real advisor personally, it’s far more likely that all of your questions will be answered first time, and that you will be able to go ahead and set up an account at the same time.

Remember that you can also track parcels, view invoices and make payments using the MyHermes service online at myhermes.co.uk. Here, you can also find quick quotes, find out about how to make returns using Hermes’ service, and arrange for your parcel to be dropped off in a parcel locker near you.

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