HMRC Contact Number

HMRC Contact Number

HMRC Contact Number – 0844 739 0390


Contacting the HMRC for your tax issues can be a challenging activity, this is usually due to the sheer number of people trying to speak to someone about their personal or business tax status. When you consider that the HMRC are the tax authority for the entire UK, you start to understand why this is the case. But it needn’t be such a struggle, at least not if you use our HMRC Contact Number – 0844 739 0390.

The HMRC are currently supported by two agencies and public bodies, they ensure that money is available for funding the various UK public services and for helping families that need financial assistance. Once you get through to one of the dedicated team who answer the phones at HMRC, you will soon be able to ask your query in total confidence. The HMRC website is another way to extract the specific information that you require, but sometimes it pays to speak to a real person.

The next time that you have an issue or general query and really do not have the time to wait in the queue, use the HRMC Contact Number 0843 507 1314 and you will be surprised at how quickly you are speaking to someone who can help. Self-employed workers are often being asked to call the HRMC and declare their earnings for taxation purposes. This is because it can be extremely easy to pay too much or not enough income or corporation tax.  Should you be in any doubt as to your personal tax details, please pick up the phone and speak to the HMRC immediately.

PAYE employees can also check on their own income related tax and the HMRC can often help with these issues over the phone. There may be no need to email or write to the specific department, simply use the HMRC Contact Number on 0844 739 0390 and you’ll soon be back in control.

The HMRC are also the first point of contact for all Tax Credit issues and there is no substitute for speaking to one of the experts in person. Instead of waiting for the Royal Mail to process your letter, why not use the HMRC Contact Number and your problem could be dealt with in minutes instead of weeks?

So remember, if you have any issues or general questions regarding your personal or business tax, please call the HMRC on 0844 739 0390.

HMRC Contact Number – 0844 739 0390

When and How to Get Help with Tax from HMRC

HMRC stands for ‘Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs’ and is the branch of the government responsible for the collection and regulation of taxes and tax-related government issues.

As anyone that runs or owns a business knows, the system can sometimes be hard to understand, and some of us need an extra helping hand to work through the complicated taxation procedures.

With that in mind, online directory Every Contact Number are here to tell us when and how to get help from HMRC, as well as how to get hold of the HMRC contact number for further support.

Confused or contesting a decision?

Call the HMRC contact number if you can’t pay your tax bill on time for any reason; it’s much better to get in contact and explain the circumstances, coming to an arrangement with the government, rather than avoiding the problem and getting into debt.

You can also phone the HMRC contact number if you disagree with a tax decision, or if you have particular needs that make addressing the system difficult, like a disability or the inability to speak English.

Struggling financially?

If you’re on a low income and are struggling to make ends meet, phone the HMRC to see what benefits you may be eligible for, such as tax credits. You can also contact TaxAid, a service specifically set up for people on low incomes that the HMRC are unable to provide assistance to.

Tax Aid for Older People is another option, a volunteer-run advisory service that can help older people find their way through the sometimes confusing rules and regulations of HMRC.

Getting the HMRC contact number

The easiest way to get in touch with HMRC by phone is to visit the Every Contact Number website and enter ‘HMRC contact number’ into the search field. You’ll be immediately presented with a call forwarding number directly to their customer service line, saving you the trouble of finding the number yourself.

For a vast range of reliable and frequently updated customer service contact details, including the HMRC contact number, visit the Every Contact Number website today.

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