Lloyds TSB Contact Number

Lloyds TSB Contact Number

Lloyds TSB Contact Number – 0844 739 0409

Lloyds TSB Contact NumberTrying to get the right number when you really need to speak to your bank can prove a little challenging at times. Lloyds TSB have met this challenge and have set up a direct contact number for their loyal customers. When you dial 0844 739 0409, you will be put through to a friendly member of staff who will be delighted to help you. Our telephone directory is only interested in putting customers in touch with their chosen service providers with a minimum fuss.

Lloyds TSB are one of the leading UK banks and have a reputation for listening to their faithful customers. When you call the Lloyds TSB Contact Number on 0843 507 0441, you will be able to speak to a helpful adviser who can deal with both emergency and non-emergency queries equally well.

Forget about waiting for 10 minutes or more, just to speak to an advisor in the first place. Our direct contact directory numbers can save you a lot of time and you’ll never get the run around that other contact numbers can bring you.

We at Every Contact Number.com are proud to help UK customers get closer to their chosen banks and we do this by providing those important numbers that allow you to get to the front of the queue fast.

There is nothing more annoying than being told to wait by a non-human voice with another set of options waiting on the other end. Get the advice that you need without having to miss your lunch or coffee break. Lloyds TSB have a host of excellent customer services that will be delighted to help you, just call 0843 507 0441 and try them for yourself.

There are a number of services that Lloyds TSB provide for their customers, and for these numbers you do not need to call the Lloyds TSB Contact Number:

•    Order a new cheque book
•    Order a new PIN number for credit or debit card
•    Instant balance and statement service

The FAQ section on their website will also allow customers old and new to get the most out of their relationship with Lloyds TSB. If you are thinking of changing your current bank to Lloyds TSB, simply call them using the 0844 739 0409 and you’ll soon be listening to the friendly tones of a Lloyds TSB employee who will be delighted to hear your enquiry. Perhaps you will soon be joining the millions of happy customers who all enjoy the unique services that Lloyds TSB offer.

Lloyds TSB Contact Number – 0844 739 0409

The ‘Big Four’ Banks in the UK

Banking has always been an important and prestigious tradition in the UK, and despite the shifting tides of success and the economic struggles at the end of the last decade, there are still many of these institutions standing tall.

Every Contact Number is a website that offers fast and reasonably priced call forwarding services, including forwarding to the ‘big four.’ For a Barclays, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, or Lloyds TSB contact number, just go online to their website and enjoy a fast and efficient service that removes all the frustration of searching for phone numbers on individual company websites.

Every Contact Number are here to introduce us to the ‘big four’ and give some insight on how these institutions developed, from Barclays to Lloyds TSB: contact number and call forwarding can be easily obtained for any of these on their website.


With over 48 million customers, Barclays operates in 50 countries, and has its foundations in the 1690s when a pair of businessmen starting trading as goldsmith bankers in London. Now a major force in British and global banking, Barclays hasn’t had a smooth ride to the top, but remains strong in the face of economic difficulty.


Established in London in 1991, HSBC stands for the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation due to its origin in these places. With offices in 71 countries and 60 million customers, HSBC has always prided itself on its inclusive and global attitude to finance.

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group

Based in Edinburgh, RBS group includes NatWest, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Coutts, and Ulster Bank, and before the financial crisis in 2008 was the second largest back in UK and Europe.

Lloyds TSB Contact Number

Including Halifax, the Bank of Scotland, and Lloyds TSB – contact number available here – this group of banks is one of the oldest in the UK, with origins in Birmingham when a button maker and iron producer joined forced to start business together.

For the Lloyds TSB contact number, as well as the other three of the ‘big four’ UK banks, visit Every Contact Number today. Just enter ‘Lloyds TSB contact number’ into the search field and you’ll be offered a rapid and reasonably priced call forwarding service that takes all the stress out of customer service interactions.

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