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The NatWest Mobile Banking App

Online banking is one of the big steps forward the last decade or so for everyday financial functionality. It allows us to transfer money between our accounts, make payments to others, and generally keep an eye on our money.

Mobile apps were the next logical move in this shift towards convenience, and Nat West customer service has gone with the trend to produce one of the best banking apps out there.

Every Contact Number, an online directory of contact details for a range of organisations, including the Nat West customer service line, introduce the NatWest mobile app and point out some of its handy features.

Easy to install

All you need to do to start the installation is go to the NatWest website and click on ‘get the mobile app’. You’ll be asked to provide your telephone number and indicate what type of mobile device you’re using. After that you simply follow the step by step guide to continue the installation and registration to completion: Nat West customer service in action!

Multiple functionality

Once you get the app, you’ll be able to transfer money from one of your accounts to another, make payments to other accounts, and view and manage your standing orders. You can see the in- and out-goings for all of your accounts, and just a click on the transaction will give you more information. To learn more about the capabilities of the app, contact NatWest customer service through the Every Contact Number website.


Having access to your bank account on your mobile device can bring up risks of security.

NatWest employ the latest technology to keep your money and information safe, including sophisticated encryption, secure registration, a passcode login process, and a security promise which embodies the best of NatWest customer service with a guarantee to refund any money lost through fraud.

For quick, easy, and reasonably-priced call forwarding to the NatWest customer service line, and to a wide range of other numbers, check out Every Contact Number’s simple yet effective website today.

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