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Plusnet Customer Service

Plusnet Customer Service – 0844 739 0417

Plusnet Customer Service

Plusnet are a phone and broadband service provider who are very strong on service quality and price matching. When you ring Plusnet Customer Service on 0843 504 2114 you will be connected to a friendly and knowledgeable operator who will often be able to answer your query, but sometimes you will need to be put through to another department, which they aim to do quickly and efficiently. Because Plusnet Customer Service are only dealing with phone and broadband they have fewer options when it comes to choosing who you want to speak to and this makes the call easier and quicker on the whole.

Because the technology is changing quickly in the broadband field it is always worth ringing Plusnet Customer Service again if they were not able to help you when you rang before. Areas with available coverage and also fibre-optic roll-out is happening daily and so you may find after only a few months that a service that was not available in your area is now up and running. If you prefer to speak to a person rather than use the website, calling the Plusnet Customer Service number is a very pleasant option – because their advertising is all about friendly, easy to understand services, their operators have all been trained in the company ethos and they will be able to explain what you need to know in simple language.

Plusnet Customer Service is dedicated to providing the very best and fastest replies when a customer or potential customer rings. There are various numbers available depending on whether the account is business or residential but the company does request that before ringing to make any changes to an account that the caller makes sure that they have their account number and personal password to hand. No major changes can be made without these two pieces of information so it is well worth making sure that there is a note made of these so that you don’t hold the system up unnecessarily. The password you choose should be something easy to remember but if you live in a shared flat or house or your business is run from a multi-occupant office, the note should be kept somewhere private. This is good advice in general for all private numbers and passwords. It is also wise to have a unique password for every application, in case anything is ever overheard.

Plusnet Customer Service – 0844 739 0417

Why Choose Plusnet?

Established in 1997, Plusnet have been dedicated to providing their clientele with reliable, no-nonsense deals from the start, and Plusnet customer service has always been an absolute priority.

Every Contact Number, an online directory who also value customer service above all else with their handy database of phone numbers like the Plusnet customer service number, are here to let us know what makes Plusnet stand out from the crowd.


Plusnet customer service has won the company many awards over the years, including the uSwitch best customer service and broadband and home phone winner for 2016 and Broadband Genie’s most recommended and best value broadband provider for 2106; these are just a few of the many recognitions that Plusnet customer service has received.

Going the extra mile

Plusnet pride themselves on their ethos of putting the customer first, and Plusnet customer service has left them with a lot of happy customers that have proclaimed themselves to be more satisfied than the clients of Sky, Virgin, and Talk Talk. They’ve always tried to keep their prices down as low as possible, putting the customer first every time.

Listening to their customers

The Plusnet customer service mission includes connecting with their clientele through social media and their website as well as over the phone. They listen carefully to the feedback they get, using it to make changes and improve the service they provide.

Social responsibility

Plusnet also believe that being a successful business gives you the responsibility to give back to the communities you work in, which in this case is Sheffield and Leeds. They volunteer in charities across area, with a particular focus on The Sheffield Children’s Hospital, as well as undertaking a series of sponsorships and fundraising activities that help those in need.

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