Standard Chartered Contact Number

Standard Chartered Contact Number

Standard Chartered Contact Number – 0843 507 0449

Standard Chartered Contact NumberEvery Contact Number is proud to provide a direct contact number service that covers all of the UK’s leading service providers. If you are a customer of Standard Chartered and need to speak to them quickly, we would recommend that you use the Standard Chartered Contact Number 00843 507 0449. By choosing this option you will soon be speaking to a friendly and confidential member of staff who will be happy to help you.

Standard Chartered are truly a universal banking service provider who offer an excellent range of products and services for personal and building banking customers. Standard Chartered were originally two companies:

•    The Chartered Bank who were formed back in 1853 in Mumbai, Kolkata and Shanghai.
•    Standard Bank who started back in 1862 in South Africa.

Perhaps it is a combination of the history and tradition of the combination of these two banks that has earned Standard Chartered such a fantastic reputation today. If you would like to experience this excellent level of dedication and expert banking, why not call the Standard Chartered Contact Number on 0843 507 0449 today?

The team will be available to take your call during office hours from Monday to Friday and midday on Saturdays. If you have simply had enough of waiting on the telephone for ages and have decided to take a more cost effective solution, why not use the 0843 number now and start reclaiming some of those hours that have been wasted previously?

Banking is a serious matter and Standard Chartered realise this, that is why they are happy for you to call them on 0843 507 0449 and they’ll be delighted to help you in any way that they can. If you have any of the following issues, the Standard Chartered Customer Services Team will be ready and waiting:

•    Personal Banking Services – Standard Chartered will have all of the choices that you need for personal banking requirements. From opening up a personal account to arranging that first Mortgage, the Customer Services Team will have the correct product to suit you.
•    Investment Banking – Standard Chartered have a huge history of investment banking and you won’t find a high street bank with better options for the discerning investor.

There is little doubt that the service provided here at Every Contact Number will save the UK public and business sector heaps of time and even more money in the future. Just forget about those inane menus and irritating call queues, call 0843 for a smarter and quicker option. Standard Chartered Contact Number – 0843 507 0449

Sustainability at Standard Chartered

Banks and other leading financial organisations across the globe have a responsibility to give back to the communities they operate in, managing their impact on both a large and small scale and using their power and influence to improve the state of society.

Standard Chartered takes this responsibility very seriously, and is committed to driving investment, trade and the creation of wealth across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Every Contact Number are a website directory that makes getting in touch with large organisations a breeze, providing details like the Standard Chartered contact number with a minimum of time and cost. They’re here to run through some of the actions that Standard Chartered takes to fulfil their corporate responsibility to the communities they operate in.

Managing impact

Standard Chartered look after their employees and their clients, extending a positive influence to those around them and committing to minimising their direct environmental impacts.

Sustainable economic growth

Standard Chartered sees one of its biggest tasks as making sure that the finance they provide is done so with a clear view of the bigger picture and an awareness of what their lending could result in. Consequently, they extend access to finance to the people who need it most and that can manage the responsibilities of the money they borrow. Use the Standard Chartered contact number to understand more about their commitment to sustainable economic growth.

Investing in communities

Standard Chartered understand that with wealth comes the capability to help those less fortunate. They work with communities to develop programmes in the fields of health, youth, and financial education to promote social and economic development where these things are most sorely needed. One of these ventures is the ‘Seeing is Believing’ campaign, committing US$100 million to help eradicate avoidable blindness.

For the Standard Chartered contact number, as well as a host of other useful customer service contact details, visit Every Contact Number’s website. Just enter the name of the details you want into the search field – ‘Standard Chartered contact number’, for example – and you’ll be provided with a recently updated call forwarding number to the company of your choice, all within a few seconds.

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