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Our service provides a call forwarding service for contact numbers as listed on the site to organisations detailed and by calling these numbers you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and agreeing to pay 5p per minute charged from a BT land line. Please be aware that calls from mobiles or other networks may cost more and could include connection fees.

Numbers on everycontactnumber.com are connected to the correct number within an organisation to the best of our knowledge and are regularly checked. Numbers may connect to messages from the organisations system which will direct you to the departments required and may not always be answered by an operator. Numbers can also be subject to changes in internal routing, which any organisation is free to perform at any time and is in no way the responsibility of everycontactnumber.com. Any request for refunds for incorrect company or deactivated numbers must show evidence and full details of the call made before it can be considered.

Everycontactnumber.co.uk is an independent directory and is not affiliated or associated in any way to the organisations listed on the sites. The numbers provided are not the official company numbers but will connect you to the organisation that you wish to contact. The information that we provide may be found freely within the public domain.

You must have the permission of the bill payer to use everycontactnumber.com and we cannot be held responsible for any calls to any of the numbers advertised without the bill payers knowledge or permission. Everycontactnumber.com cannot and will not be held responsible or liable for any financial loss including, without limitation, loss or damage to profits, income, revenue, damages or injury relating to or in association with the use of its service or sites.

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