Toys R Us Phone Number

Toys R Us Phone Number

Toys R Us Phone Number – 0844 739 0375

Toys R Us Phone NumberToys R Us phone number is 0844 739 0375.

By calling this Toys R Us phone number, you can organise to pick up online purchases in-store. This is particularly useful when making last-minute birthday or Christmas purchases. You can also call the number to find your nearest store, to make a complaint, or to ask for a refund.

It’s horrible to imagine a purchase you have made for a child’s birthday or Christmas being faulty, which is why it’s usually best to take toys out of the box and test them out before actually wrapping them up. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to call up the Toys R Us phone number and exchange your item before the little one is disappointed. If you do find that an item is faulty, you can either return it to your nearest store, or call up the Toys R Us phone number to discuss your issue with an advisor.

Toys R Us state that a normal delivery time is around 4 days, but bear in mind that delivery times may be longer near Christmas time. If you ordered your item over a week ago, you may need to call Toys R Us to confirm that there are no issues with your delivery.

Unfortunately Toys R Us cannot confirm in-store availability of items over the phone. This is no doubt because stock numbers change constantly. Even if they could confirm that there was an item left in a certain store, it could be bought before you had a chance to get there. This can be frustrating if searching for a particular very popular toy. The Toys R Us customer services line will be able to tell you where your nearest store is, however. When you reach the store, staff members will be able to tell you about the availability of the item you’re searching for.

If calling about a particular purchase, remember to have all details at hand before making your call to the Toys R Us phone number on 0844 739 0375. The advisors on the other end of the line may be very busy, and will appreciate your cooperation.

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