Zurich Phone Number

Zurich Phone Number

Zurich Phone Number – 0844 739 0428

Zurich Phone Number

Have you ever tried getting in touch with your bank, building society, insurance company, or any other institution, only to find yourself getting cramp as you grimly hold on to the receiver, while waiting to hear a human voice breaking into the never-ending mantra of ‘your call will be answered shortly’? Unfortunately this is a widespread aspect of business dealings in the 21st century. At Every Contact Number we are keen to offer customers a streamlined method of getting in touch with commercial outlets – throughout the UK, and covering a diverse range of bodies. Taking insurance queries as an example, by dialling the Zurich phone number – 0844 739 0428, you would be put straight through to an adviser.

Zurich is a huge institution with over 130 years’ experience of satisfying customers. One of the largest insurance providers on the planet, with over 60,000 employees in 170 countries, they offer a diverse range of general and life insurance products for every possible scale of customer – individuals, small businesses, mid and large-sized companies and multinational corporations. Eleven thousand of these operatives are UK-based, and if you wish to speak to one of them regarding your own needs, the Zurich phone number – 0844 272 7680 will avoid the impersonal queuing system that is such a common bugbear.

Zurich has won numerous awards over the decades – they were declared the General Insurer of the Year at the British Insurance Awards of 2013. If you are a personal customer, either an existing one or someone making an enquiry about opening a policy, there are a lot of options available. Thankfully the website is set out to explain these in simple terms, whether you are looking into life cover, pensions and retirement issues, or protecting your home and belongings, a called to the Zurich phone number – 0843 507 0472 will set your mind at rest on any issue.

The business world can be fraught with financial headaches, but Zurich are there to look after you peace of mind, whether you are starting-up, or are a long-established corporation. By speaking to a dedicated adviser using the Zurich phone number – 0844 739 0428 you’ll not only learn about the practicalities of your own cover, you can find out more about the hot topics in the industry that might well have a knock-on effect on your own enterprise.

Zurich Phone Number – 0844 739 0428

Zurich Takes its Corporate Responsibility Seriously

Zurich has been providing insurance to individuals and businesses for an impressive 144 years.

With a global presence that operates in over 170 countries, and a dedication to giving back to society while delivering sustainable growth in a competitive business environment, Zurich has got the balance right.

Every Contact Number, a website directory which can provide customer service details like the Zurich phone number in the blink of an eye, believes in corporate responsibility. They’re here to tell us about Zurich’s measures of contributing to communities, especially the Z Zurich Foundation; and to tell you how to get hold of the Zurich phone number for more information.

What is the Z Zurich Foundation?

The Foundation is a way for this multi-national insurance company to carry out their commitment to community involvement on a global level, and by engaging the entirety of the Zurich Group. Funded by the Insurance and Life Insurance divisions of the Zurich Group, it’s founded under Swiss law and is dedicated to investing in order to help individuals and communities to manage risk. Use the Zurich phone number to find out more.

What does it contribute to?

The Z Zurich Foundation contributes to many areas that deal with managing risk. These include:

Sustainable disaster management, building safer, more resilient communities.

Social and economic empowerment to increase the social and economic strength of individuals and communities faced with hardship.

Insurance-relevant research and education to promote awareness and reduction of risks.

Global resilience to help countries cope with national disasters worldwide.

Local resilience, investing in the communities in which Zurich’s employees live and work.

How to get the Zurich phone number

To find out more about Zurich’s mission for corporate responsibility, or for any other questions about their services, go to Every Contact Number’s website and enter ‘Zurich phone number’ into the search field. You’ll be instantly provided with a call forwarding number to take you straight to the person you need to speak to.

For the Zurich phone number and many more customer service contact details that take all the stress out of contacting large companies, visit the Every Contact Number website today.

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